Each module is of 90 minute duration. These can be delivered as a standalone or could be grouped together. We recommend a maximum of two modules for any single session.

We all have a strong resistance to change. Hence whenever there is a change in external situation or the environment we have issues in managing the change. The change could be positive like buying a new mobile phone still the initial reaction is reluctance to change. Learn why we resist change, Is it an attitude, performance or personality issue. 


Whether it is written, verbal or just visual/sound communication is crucial in our daily lives. How effectively are you communication with your peer group, juniors or seniors? Do you have communication blocks? Do you have a preferred medium? Do you feel ignored when you are conveying your thoughts?


We all have situations of conflict where either the situation is outside your comfort zone, or, you are in a dilemma on what action needs to be taken. Conflicts could be internal or external. Learn to identity the conflict and handle it immediately.



Remember that we are always in a situation where we are negotiating in life. It could be a personal family situation or multi million price negotiation in business.  Learn to set the entry and exit boundaries, identify where to hold ground and where to let go. Unless there is win win for both parties there will be no conclusive outcome


Is a very common limitation that most people will not acknowledge. It exists because we convince ourselves otherwise. Learn to identify when you are procrastinating. Find ways to overcome this attitude and add a new dimension to your deportment.


Learn to prioritize, understand the nuances of delegation avoid wasting time on issues that are not relevant for the moment. This second modules follows from module A under skills training. We cover the impact of your attitude in managing in time. After all time does not stand still and you need to complete the assignment within the time provided.

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