Each module is of 90 minute duration. These can be delivered as a standalone or could be grouped together. We recommend a maximum of two modules for any single session.

We all have a strong resistance to change. Hence whenever there is a change in external situation or the environment we have issues in managing the change. The change could be positive like buying a new mobile phone still the initial reaction is reluctance to change. Learn why we resist change, Is it an attitude, performance or personality issue. 


What drives you to work? Why do you do what you do? Are you excited to go to work? Do you inspire others around you to be more effective? Motivation is a key driver in all aspects of life and work. Learn to keep your motivation high.


How to build effective teams? What constitutes a good team and why do teams fail even though each member of the team is excellent. Delegation, roles that each member plays and the overall element that binds and leads the team are some areas that are covered in this program. 



Problems are not the end of the road, in fact they are business opportunities that were not handled well and need to be redone in a better manner. Learn to identify the source of the situation, identify the weakest link and improve upon. 


Almost everything that we do or believe is based on perception. this could be based on real experience or even hearsay. We take decisions based on our perceptions; we always tend to enhance perception. The beauty of perception is that this can be modified. The process of marketing is an effort to enhance the perception of the potential client.


In a social environment we are always interacting with others around us. There is a constant exchange of ideas, values, goods finance, concepts, and so many other things. How does IPS help to make this process easy and efficient?

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