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As a New Zealand business owner there is financial support available. Want to know more about this?

Flair for Success offers services that are eligible for subsidy provided through the NZTE Capability Development voucher scheme.

To learn more about this program or to check if your business is eligible for the subsidy contact us for more details.

The following programs are currently being offered:-

  • Business Planning               -   Effective Business Planning

  • Marketing                             -  “Can I  Have A Dance With You”

  • Marketing                             -   Niche Marketing  

  • Business Systems                -   The Business Management Tool Box

  • Finance                                  -   Optimizing Resources 

  • Business Sustainability      -   Business Audit and Restructuring 

  • Governance                          -   Together Everybody Achieves More (TEAM)  

  • Managing Resources          -   Effective Communication

For details on the program check our information sheet

We also run specials from time to time.

Call us to know more about our current SPECIALS EMPOWERING YOU

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